Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the wolfe family

today was a photographers dream.
to start it all off, it was a beautiful sunny day in december. cold, but sunny.
fEdited Wolfe Family 767
we got lucky and found the perfect park with tons of great scenery.
fEdited Wolfe Family 184
then we happened upon a wonderful tree swing.
fEdited Wolfe Family 566
not to mention i got to shoot this adorable family.
fEdited Wolfe Family 291
it couldnt have been a better day.
fEdited Wolfe Family 810
mom and dad met when they were 11. seriously, how cute is that?
fEdited Wolfe Family 857
thank you wolfe family for a perfect afternoon!


Kylee said...

Holly, that first picture is to die for! I absolutely LOVE it! Great work.

Lisa Best said...

I lOVE these photos. Especially that first one!