Wednesday, October 13, 2010

shannon is the man, er woman.

this is shannon and her husband, matt.
after 30+ hours of DRUG FREE labor, they welcomed knox into the world.
7 pounds and 11 ounces of adorable.
knox 104

knox 781

knox 143


knox 786


knox 198


knox 126

knox 1108

knox 1180

knox 1189

knox 1268

knox 1532



Mandy said...

This is beautiful!!

Shanon Pruden said...


Alycia said...

I'm so glad you're going to photograph my next birth... someday. :) These really all beautiful! Is it all natural light?

Shannon Hunnex said...

WOW!! what a champ! i love that you can make someone in pain look so beautiful :)

Jessica Kettle said...

holly! i love these. you captured everything beautifully, and man, 30 hours of natural labor? i can't imagine. that's a LONG time. she looks like she was such a champ though!