Friday, November 19, 2010

the fuller family

i just returned from visiting family in arizona. i had a great (and warm) time.
this is my cousin steven's family. he and kimberly were married about a year ago (the 4 awesome kids are from a previous marriage) and they are expecting a little boy on the same due date i had with my son. we are all very excited to meet him.

 my new kind-of-cousin shaylene is gorgeous, to state the obvious. i had so much fun taking her picture.

and, if you're thinking this area looks more like a tropical paradise than a desert, you're right. my aunt has the most beautiful oasis of a backyard.

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Kathy said...

Holly, I absolutely love the pictures. I can't wait until I get the whole CD. You are amazing and talented.

Love you lots.

Auntie Em