Friday, December 31, 2010

favorite shots from 2010

what a year.

thank you for allowing me to photograph you. together we have created art that is meaningful to the both of us. i sincerely appreciate it.

here are some of the more memorable pictures from 2010. you may recognize some, while others have been unpublished until now. (please excuse the amount of pictures below of my son, sam. he just so happens to be my favorite subject.)

"craig + nikki"
Edited Craig and Nikki 398
"pink balloon"
Edited Madie & Trevor 141
"literally in love"
Edited Madie & Trevor 1777
Edited March 547
Edited Joy & Joe 006
"at sunset"
Nathan & Katie 1214
"no medication meditation"knox 143
"first dance"
9-26-10 2577
Tyler 158
"sweet caroline"
Caroline and Jamie 902
Nathan & Katie Wedding 8401
"josie on a limb"
Josie 969
"meet, like, love."
11-3-10 079
Arizona 1234
"stella the grape"
Stella 839
12-15-10 1851
"a best friend"
Lovell Family 575
"a smile"
The fair 263
Danny & Lindy 278
"a november walk"
11-3-10 1088
18 021
"sam and grandpa"
Arizona 1994
"come, gabe."
Edited Ariz Family 192
Edited Frandsen 1078
knox 174
dark 058
"big cat"
Pointe Defiance 267
Charlie Chaplin 102
Vancouver 271
"a kiss"
12-11-10 1193
12-11-10 414
11-28-10 1175
11-28-10 637
Arizona 721
Madie & Trevor Wedding 092
"that coat"
Nick 705
"family picture"
knox 1532
Wings & Things 462
Edited Grace 165
Edited Bailey Family 409
Memorial Day Weekend 424
i hope you like them as much as i did. i am excited to capture more memories in 2011!

if you feel like i have forgotten one, or your favorite is not listed, let me know and i will add it to the favs.

happy new year.

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Colton said...

Wow. I mean, I know you have taken literally thousands of pictures this year, but those ones are awesome! I love them.