Thursday, February 3, 2011

kimpton hotels

these are the employees of kimpton hotels seattle. click HERE to reserve a night or two...or three...or more, in any of their awesome locations. i'm gonna.

we met on queen anne hill.
it was windy. and a little cold.
but we had so much fun. you will see as things progressed on we got a little silly.

Feb 3 279

Feb 3 595

Feb 3 576

Feb 3 341

Feb 3 327


Feb 3 075

Feb 3 116

Feb 3 027
they like to be different, so instead of christmas cards, they do happy st. pattys day cards.
Feb 3 522
i love the idea.
Feb 3 540

Feb 3 491

Feb 3 457
they are clowns. obviously.
Feb 3 235

Feb 3 565

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