Friday, September 30, 2011


when i am not shooting weddings on the weekend, i am interpreting for courtney.
September 200

courtney is 30 years old, loves monkeys and penguins, texting, movies and bowling. she doesn't let her deafness or physical hindrances get in the way of the things she loves.
she  is an amazing young woman. i feel so lucky to know her.

another interpreter of hers requested that i get some pictures of them together.
 here are a few shots of courtney and kelly. (you may recognize kelly from a wedding post last month.)


September 021


kelly managed to catch this shot of me and courtney loving on my son, sam. he and courtney are quite the duo. she loves to show him new signs and play with stuffed animals. they are going to be life long friends for sure.

September 221

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