Thursday, April 21, 2011


seriously, who needs a studio with beautiful backdrops like this?
 i love that washington weather is finally allowing me to shoot outside.
April Pics 280

april pics 3

April Pics 186

April Pics 440

April Pics 450

April Pics 390

april pics 4

April Pics 192

April Pics 654

April Pics 598

April Pics 587

April Pics 554

April Pics 666

April Pics 687


Stepper the Mighty said...

4th and 5th down are my favorites. I usually don't care for the gaze shots; they always look a bit forced to me - but you made her look positively ethereal.

Sarah Louise said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! I love the colorful tulips in the background! Thank goodness the weather is finally breaking here!