Thursday, April 21, 2011

with one light, one camera

and one extrememly photogenic sister in law.
April Pics 1132

April Pics 1145

April Pics 1085

April Pics 909

April Pics 1231

april pics 2

April Pics 1287

April Pics 1295

April Pics 1227

April pics 1

April Pics 1121

April Pics 992

April Pics 1058
my son sam wasn't so happy about someone else getting the picture attention, so he jumped in and added adorable to a few.
April Pics 1079

April Pics 835

April Pics 1000

April Pics 893

1 comment:

Stepper the Mighty said...

she is ridiculously photogenic. Ridiculously.

And you are ridiculously talented. Ridiculously.

I wish we lived closer so you could do some work for my family. I covet deeply some family portraiture that steps very very far away from the standard 'sit here awkwardly and smile'. You have a real eye, Holly. I love your work.

Would you allow me to put one of your pieces on my blog? Free promotion (I do have Seattle readers)?